The Youth Rotary Heifer Movement

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Transcript of The Youth Rotary Heifer Project

We Chose Cash

Timeline of Bake Sale/"Dinner and a Show"

4:00-6:00 P.M.


6:00-6:45 P.M.

Part I of Talent Show, drinks served by participants (waiters), bid on desserts 

6:45-7:30 P.M.

Dinner (Intermission) served by participants, Worship Team plays background music, bid on desserts

7:30-8:30 P.M. 

Part II of Talent Show, drinks served by participants, bid on desserts

8:30-9:00 P.M.

Announce "winners" of desserts, pass out desserts, guests disband

9:00-9:30 P.M.

Clean up

The Goal of our Movement

Our goal as Rylarians to provide Ndaula, Uganda with stability and economic aid by raising money for the Heifer International.

Marketing Plan

The partners that will aid us in our movement include Student Council, 4-H/FFA, Rotary, and local churches. Student Council helps spread the movement throughout the schools. The 4-H and FFA groups will educate potential donors on how the animals add to the value of the community. We would like Rotary to spread the word and to get volunteers to help out at our fundraisers.

The Youth Rotary Heifer Movement

Presented by Tony and the Babes + Val

Steph Rauba

Grant Goffoy 

Avery Bolar

Tyler Dodd

McClay Lewis

Kalyn Rentschler 

Jamie Voss

Chadwick Dowell

Torie Slaughter

Elise Quisenberry

Sara Barnes

Val Anderson

Tom Wirtz (a.k.a. Tony Stark)

Our group decided to use cash due to:

not knowing what each specific community needs. 

It is easier to ship money than it is to ship lives animals. 

With food, the people could eat it and be done. With animals, they could get produce from each animal and be affected for a longer time.

Collaboration Plan

The marketing plans of our movement would include: 

Placing an ad in a newspaper

Creating an event on Facebook

Making flyers and posters and putting them throughout the town. 

Information about our Fundraiser

Who will you ask?






Grace eFree Church Youth Group

Rotary Clubs


Group Members of Tony and the Babes + Val

What is it?

A Dinner, Talent Show, Bake Sale!


At Grace eFree Curch in Jefferson Missouri.


September Timeline

September 1st- Put out all posters and flyers 

September 11th- Check donation jars

1)Grace eFree Church has done talent shows along with Dinners with Talent Shows. Which, by the end of the night, raised $7,000.


2) Grace eFree Church also has conversed with other churches for fund raising ideas. Dale Street Baptist Church had done a Bake Sale previously and had raised thousands profit. 

September 13th Dinner and a show

September 18th- Check donation jars


September 25th- Check donation jars

September 30th- Visit Heifer website to donate money

From 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Free childcare will be provided and they will be fed. 

Brainstorming List

1) We could ask business partners- JCMG-Steph's parents have a lot of connections, and St. Mary's hospital, SnowBit church family, family, friends, and general admissions.


2) "The Plan" First we could have a bake sale then we could have a Talent Show and Dinner.


Donation Jars are located at the church, Walmart, the library, JCMG, the school office, and McDonalds. 

Advertisements: home made signs $3 dollars for a pack of 6 poster boards from Walmart and invites on Facebook and a newspaper ad ($12). 

Personal food brought or made: (servers are participants of Tony and the Babes) and JCMO Grace eFree Youth Group and Ryla's Rotary Youth. 

Prepare Lasagna and Vegetarian Lasagna, Salad, Lemonade, Tea, Water, and Bread. (Made by a family of the Church). ($250).

Participants and attendants (if they choose) bring home made pies and other desserts to auction off. 

Admission cost is $2 per attendant; donations are welcomed and accepted. 


Who gets Pumped up?

1) RYLArians will put an ad in the newspaper 3 weeks before the talent show/ bake sale. (Targets the adult population.)


2) Make a facebook event page and invite friends 3 weeks in advance. ( Targets Teens , younger people.)


3) Hand out flyers at church, school, and local stores 2 weeks in advance. (Targets people who don't read newspaper or have a Facebook, handing out flyers is more personal also. 

Thank You to our Sponsors

We would like to thank the Grace Evangelical Free Church of Jefferson City for allowing us to use their facility for our fundraiser. We would also like to thank the library of Jefferson City for the collecting the donations that made this project happen. In addition, we would like to acknowledge all the people who donated their time, money, and food to get this project off the ground. Thank you!

Thank You to our Sponsors 

Resource Categories

People Resources

Technology Resources

Building Resources

Transportation Resources




Youth Groups

Participants' Parents



Local Churches



-(item; source; estimated cost)

Pack of 5 poster boards; Walmart; $3 

Facebook event page; Facebook, social media website; None

Newspaper ad; Jefferson City News Tribune; $12



-(item; source; estimated cost)

eFree Church sanctuary; church board; In Kind/None



-(item; source; estimated cost)

Grace eFree Worship Team; church; In Kind/None


-(item; source; estimated cost)

10 pizzas; Pizza Hut; $120 

10 2L soda; Community Donation; None

10 bags of chips; Walmart; $25 

(Or, as another option…)


-(item; source; estimated cost)

8 lasagna; Family Donation; In Kind

8 bags of salad; Family Donation; In Kind

5 2L lemonade; Family Donation; In Kind

Water; Grace eFree Church; None

5 2L tea; Family Donation; In Kind

Sugar/sweetener; Family Donation; In Kind

8 loaves of bread; Family Donation; In Kind

Salad dressing; Family Donation; In Kind

Cake, cookies, brownies, pies (FOR SALE); Family Donation; In Kind

Cake, cookies, brownies, pies (DESSERT); Family Donation; In Kind


Got milk? Uganda doesn't.