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Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank: Buddy Pack Program

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Cans & Cash to Bash Out Hunger

Why: Service club sponsored by Rotary International

Why: Major club in several schools which involves leadership and community

Why: Leadership

Why: Leadership and community

Key Club
Why: Service club sponsored by Kiwanis international


The goal of this service project is to bring students , school clubs, and local businesses together to help raise money and donate non-perishable food items for the Central and Northeast Missouri Food Banks Buddy Pack Program
Counselors: Jerry Nolen and Heather Dauzvardis 
Sarah Bradshaw, Abby Kloppel (planning), Michael Nimmer (strategic planner) Karsyn Kraus (planning), Baileigh Hortmeimer (planning,coordinator, supervisor), Jabe McGee (creator), Sierra Soendker (planning), Josh Johnson (creator), Jade Goslee (planning and orangizer), and Jerkeria Washington (planning)
1st week
*Announcements throughout the week 
Monday & Tuesday- Make Posters and hang them up
Wednesday and Thursday- Ask local businesses to hang posters and keep jars for change
Friday- Send home flyers about drives

2nd week
*Announcements for next week food drive and cash drive throughout the week
Friday- Total up cash and send out fliers for next week

3rd week
*Announcements and food can-perishable items throughout the week
Friday- Student reps will pick up jars from local businesses, add up the money amount, and announce winner


-Posters around schools

-Hang flyers around town and local businesses

-Need to have a message about child hunger

-Announcements in school bulletin/over the intercom
Attitude of Gratitude
Actions: Posters & flyers in business/school and boxes & jars in class rooms/business

Who: Students, Teachers, Parents, Businesses, the community, Interact, Stuco, NHS, FFA, and Key Club

How: Teachers and Students through having a party

Community: Knowing that they are helping people and actually verbally saying thank you

*Thank you cards to the Businesses, interact, Stuco, NHS, FFA, Key Club, and the Parents

Items Amount Source Estimated Cost 

Chips 200 Individual Packs Wal-Mart $64.80 
Soda 2 Liters(10) Parent donation none 
Hot Dogs 25 packs of 8 Wal-Mart $62.50 
Boxes 10 boxes Wal-Mart $4.80 
Jars 12 jars Wal-Mart $14.00 
Posters 20 posters Wal-Mart $10.00 
Flyers 500 pieces Wal-Mart $20.00 
Tape 4 rolls Wal-Mart $4.70 
Resources Gas(unavailable) Parent donation none
Resources Gas(unavailable) Companies none
Total Donations(clubs) $180.80
Strategize to Maximize
People resources- Sponsors of each club and business

Building resources- The School, Casey's, Dairy Queen, Walmart, and small grocery stores

Transportation- Gas money donated by parents for student reps to drop off at local businesses

Food/cash transported through the courtesy of Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank

Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank Buddy Pack Program
WHO are we asking for donations?
1. School students - They will be motivated to donate because they have an incentive: winning the contest and getting a reward. Also because they can relate to hungry kids if they are their age
2. Members of the community - because they might want to give back to their community and they know their donations will go straight to the kids 

Brainstorming list:
-get people motivated to donate through powerful advertisement/marketing
-put donation locations at various local businesses to reach the rest of the community 
-one week of the competition will be money donations, the next week will be non-perishable food items
-The winning class will be given a reward of free time in school and a barbecue 
-When counting the total donations to determine a winner, 1 item = $1. 

Approximately 56,000 students in The Food Bank’s service area qualify for free and reduced-priced school meals. For many of them, breakfast and lunch at school offer the only source of reliable nutrition and they are at risk of hunger over the weekend.

To alleviate this risk, The Food Bank partners with elementary schools in 28 of the 32 counties it serves to provide Buddy Packs to school children. Buddy Packs are backpacks filled with kid-friendly, nutritious food that students take home over the weekend or holiday periods to supplement their meals when there is not enough for them to eat at home. After the weekend, the kids bring their empty Buddy Pack back to school to be refilled by local volunteers. The program continues week after week throughout the school year or as needed to keep the growing youngsters happy and healthy.

During the 2012-13 school-year, the Buddy Pack program helped feed more than 6,700 children each week. You can help children in the 2013-14 school year by donating backpacks or money to purchase food for the program. You could also Adopt a Buddy to provide one backpack for one child for an entire school year!

Thank You!!!

Thank you to all the students, sponsoring clubs and, local businesses who helped raise money and food for this cause!
Also, a huge thank you to Rotary International for inspiring us to develop this project!