Team Totality
2K15 Water Run

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Our Goal

Counselors: Gordon Stubblefield and Megan Bonham Members: Hannah Delp, Maddie Parker, Brittany Twyman, Andrea Cash, Madeline Sparks, Stephanie Blakely, Hannah Bateman, Drew Bonnett, Andrew Bidding, Tucker Petersen, Austin Kutcha
Hey you!? It's summer are you ready to have fun, get soaked, and raise funds for our local food pantry?!
Team Totality's goal is to raise money and a large amount of food for a local food pantry, while raising awareness of hunger and having fun all at once. Our goal is to also go from local to national. We WANT and NEED to end hunger in America. We might start with small steps, but when we grow bigger steps are sure to come.
We will partner with Rotary 
because, we need guidance, insurance and funds to accomplish our goal. They have the same values so we can help one another. It is also a great financial move. 

Key Club:
We need teenagers who will spread the word. We also need a large group of volunteers, and they will be willing to do both.
Student Council:
They will spread the word and raise the amount of runners. Also, they can volunteer to work the run.
Restaurants and Shopping Centers: 
Their employes will come. Also, the money will help us get things going. 
National Gaurd: 
They will volunteer which we need. Also, they will give a sign of safety. 
KC Chiefs: 
They will make the crowd happy and excited. They will also volunteer.
October 8th 
Ask local rotary to be partner. 

November 3rd 2014:

Start planning with rotary (insurance papers done and place picked)
March 9th 2015:
Put a request in for paramedics/ambulance, Police assistance, a Porta Potty company, and Mo Dot to borrow cones. 
March 30th 2015: 
Start asking for volunteers and donations from clubs, businesses, and companies . 
May 4th 2015:
We have a list of jobs for volunteers and sending out reminders. Also, purchasing items needed for race. Promotion and web site to purchase is now up and running.

Local Food Panrty-Charity
In-Kind Donations
Or Sponsors:
Ruby Tuesday's
(called and left message)
(called left message)
(Paper Work Procces;however,
willing to donate.)
KC Cheifs
( called and willing to
send players or reps)
National Guard
(called and willing to help)
Local Student Council
Key Club
(Called and is willing to
be partner and pay half 
Party City
Price Chopper
Rotary- Partner
Spread the Word
Hey!? What About The Flyers?
Why? If you hang them in the right 
places a large number of people will 
get the information.
Where? Local shops, stores, schools,
church, YMCA/gyms.
Best Marketing Ideas:
Social Media 
So many people are on social media by simply "retweeting" or sharing about the event it will be seen by thousands.
Even if we had only one billboard, if it was in the right location thousands of people would see it while driving by.
It gives people a visual and provides a place to pay, that way registration is not as hectic. Also, it gives info on what, why, where, and how.... which is what everyone needs.
Cash, Cans, or Combo
We chose combo because, it will be helpful to the food pantry because they can use the money to wait and buy foods when they need them for instance like holidays. And the cans would be used immediately or saved for holidays or breaks. The money could also be used to help keep the food pantry open more hours or serve during winter and summer. Also, the money can go toward fixing the food pantry itself so they can be able to fit make the needy feel more safe and accepted. 

The cash donations come with the entry fee and if runners brought 5 cans or non perishable food items can be given at registration desk a pair if sunglasses in exchange!
Police Officers
DJ Tech
Web Site
Building Resources:
Land Permit
Golf Carts
Big assorted gift baskets will be given to Rotary for being in partnership with us
also the bigger donors will be receiving gift baskets as well. The smaller donations will be given thank you letters along with small muffin basket. The volunteer workers will receiver a signed and dated volunteer completion document along with a thank you letter. All the runners who provided email on website registration will be receiving a email staying thank you. And all of the collaborators will have there logo on the
back of the Water Run shirt.

We will be asking local 
shops, clubs, and stores
to volunteer there time/money.
(ex. Key Club, Stuco, KC Chiefs,
Hyvee, National Guard, ect.) 
We decided to do it this was to 
keep it local and to also help them as 
well as us. All of the ones chosen are 
strong groups and we want that on our
team. The ideas for food raising/money raising
was the following:
Buddy Pack: which helped children have a meal 
during weekends...but we already have a lot of those
March of Hunger: a 5k that donated money to the food 
pantry... good but not to fun for everyone.
Can Food Drive at Local Church: It receives a lot of 
donations but doesn't get the whole community involved.
Lunches Of Love: feeds children during breaks and weekends so we can
do a canned food drive, but not in all areas and we want to do this in all cities.
Water Run: Gets great numbers donations,involves community, am
and fun! Bingo!
June 8th 2015:
Reminders sent out and Thank You gifts and letters are made. Items bought arrived; therefore, double checking list.
June 18 2015:
Setting up course! Sending out reminders, maps, and directions.
June 20th 2015:
Game Day! Be Early and be at Stations ready to soak people!
June 29 2015:
Present donations to food pantry. Also, send out Thank You letters and gifts to volunteers and donors. Email runners and thank them and inform how much they helped raise in money and cans!