Each year the RYLA students are divided into teams. These teams come up with their own team name and viable simulation service project. Some of the names are quite creative, the projects - well, they are so good they will blow your mind! Have a look at the class of 2018:

The winning Simulation Service Project for the 2018 Session I was created by Team True Loves and their focus was on a water project…Life Straws for Life.

.The winning Simulationfor the 2018 Session 2 was Team DoodleBobs. Their project was the Mobile Menstruation Organization…addressing women’s reproductive issues.

 Feel free to take hold of any of these projects to implement or use as a brainstorming jumping off point in your schools, clubs, churches, civic organizations etc…to create your own projects. Use them to make the world a better place!

Life Straws for Life-Team True Loves

Sports for St Jude-Rubber Ducks

Mini Olympics-JJ's Soccer Academy

Barks for Life-Steph's Choice

Race to Read-The Storm

Haiti Water Project-Prom Dates

Clean Water to Djibouti-OG(c)s


Mobile Menstruation Organization-DoodleBobs

Hoagies for Humanity-GOAT Nation

We Care! Foster Care Packages-Un-Knottables

Syrian Refugee Care Packages-OPE!

Suicide Prevention Color Run-Cover Your Cough

Cycles for Students-Snappers

Food Foundation for Africa-OOF!

Food for Friends-Sud Dubs