Each year the RYLA students are divided into teams. These teams come up with their own team name and service project. Some of the names are quite creative, the projects - well, they are so good they will blow your mind! Have a look at the class of 2017.  The winning Service Project at 2017 RYLA Session I was from Team Prestige Worldwide.  Session II had a tie for first place with Even 11 and Reggi bringing home the prize!  Feel free to take any of these home and use them to make the world a better place...



Prestige Worldwide

Flyin' Cobras

TC Bidness

Untouchable Sharcs

Great Whites

Clash Jackked

Sleep On It

Alpha Wolves


Wandering Donuts



Even 11

Cooperative Gangsters

Cap'n Crunch & the Cereal Killers