Semper Fi vs. Hunger

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Our team has decided to initiate a plan in St. Louis to help reduce the amount of hunger among the poverish people. 
Our team will raise funds for food by asking small businesses and companies to make small generous donations to our cause. We will not only ask for small money donations, but we will also ask for canned food donations. We will use the funds we aquire to purchase cheap canned foods for the hungry of St. Louis. 
We will begin advertisment and asking for donations to our cause June 1st, 2015. Our team has decided to not only inniciate our plan but to make it a long term plan and fully live out the "service above self" reputation. We plan to have our first food distribution August 1st, 2015.
Collaboration Plan/Marketing
In our plan we will be partenering with the Haven of Grace church in St. Louis. Through this church we will distribute the canned foods we aquire. We will not only be donating our canned to Haven of Grace, but we will also be using their events to advertise our cause.
Why we chose COMBO
The reason for our choice of combo is because we felt like this would be the most effecient way of raising funds. This also gives the small business owners a choice of how much or how little the want to contribute to our cause. Another reason that we chose to use money is because it gives us more options and flexability with our plan. 
St. Louis Stats
-There is a 9.9 unemployment rate as of Aug. 2013.
-1 in 8 people in St. Louis struggle with hunger.
-135,000 kids in St. Louis are at risk for hunger.
-58,000 people in St. Louis are fully dependent on charity.
Created by...
Corbin Healy
Isaak Williamson
Nathan Richey
Josie Korenak
Abby Turner
Maddie Scott
Aubrey Burns
Created by continued
Clarissa Fennessey
Mikayla Tessmer
Karla Harris
Terry Berkbuegler
Reasons for Small Businesses
Two reasons why we chose small businesses is because we felt they would be most willing to contribute to our cause in order to get their name out in the community and because they want to give their busness a good reputation. 
Why Haven of Grace?
We chose Haven of Grace because:
1. They are alraedy established as a group who commonly distributes food to the hungry.
2. We can use the church as advertisement for our cause. 
Start up cost
1.) Flyers=200@$.05
Source=Copy Store
2.) Boxes=100@$.50
3.)Food storage pin=1@$40
4.)Extra(petty cash) fund=$100
Why Start up cost?
Flyers to advertise around community.
Boxes to collect and transport cans/donations.
Storage pin incase Haven of Grace church cant store all the canned foods. 
Extra(petty) cash for any extra or additional costs. 
Additional fund raising plans
1) Schools can walk around with containers and ask for extra change (previously succeded at Platte County High Schools)
2) Can food drive competition between grade levels
3) Church fundraising because churches are always look for opportunities to help out

Marketing Plan 1
One of the small busnisses we have selected to partner with is the St. Louis Business Journal who will kindly advertise our cause for free. 
Marketing Plan 2
Fun Run/Paint Run with T-shirts
-Popular among everybody and community
-Raises funds
-Semper-Fi advertising on front of t-shirt
-Small business donator advertising (on back of shirt)

Marketing Plan 3
Movie Night At Park
-Popular among community and family-friendly
-Raises funds
-Advertising Oppotunities for us and sponsors

Marketing Plan 4
Top Business Donators Get Prime Advertising (Per Month)
-Creates competition between businesses
-Causes more donations due to desire for top advertising

A common sight in St. Louis
Go Semper Fi
-People Resources: Business owners, sponsors, volenteers, church staff, and Semper Fi members.
-Technology Resources: Informational websites, social meadias/networks, and copy store(printers for flyers)
Resources continued
-Building Resources: Haven Grace Chrurch of St. Louis and storage unit (for canned foods).
Transportation Reaources: Personal vehicles of Semper Fi members. 
Monthly we will be recieving aproximatly $600 from our small business owners. We will be spending $200 monthly for flyers, boxes, and a storage shed(which we will rent out). We will then proceed to spend the remaining $400 on $.40 canned goods which will give us 4,000 cans to donate monthly. This will bring us nearly 50,000 cans annualy.
Special thanks to...
Haven of Grace for helping with advertisement and distribution of food.
St. Louis Business Journal for free advertisment.
St. Louis Regional Chamber, Jaymar Companies, Instant Tax Service, Rock Bottom Wholesale, and Liberity Tax Service for small money donations.
Short/Long Term
Short Term: We plan to set up public relations and communications by August 1, 2015.
Long Term: Within a few years Semper Fi plans to branch out and become independent in the hopes of establishing our own company.