Information on Interns

A Missouri RYLA Academy intern is a high school student who has attended RYLA, and is currently involved in service leadership in their school and community.  The purpose of having interns is threefold:


1               To provide real time peer models for participants

2               To provide logistical support for group leaders

3               To lead in the spirit and morale of RYLA


The responsibility of interns:


1               To act as a role model for current participants

2               To share ideas and experiences related to service leadership

3               To encourage participants to start/join InterAct

4               To “host” the Tuesday night party

5               To lead in whole group energizers, cheers, skits and team builders


Ten interns will be selected for each Academy.  To be eligible, you must have completed Missouri RYLA Academy, still be attending high school, and be active in school/community service projects.


Selected interns would be asked to attend a separate training, lead by the Assistant Curriculum Director.