Helpful Tips on Student Selection

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Ideas for Selecting A RYLA Student


We have found over the years that the caliber of students selected by the local sponsoring clubs sets the overall tone of each session of the academy.  Selecting the best students is KEY to the success of the program every year.


The primary goal of the Missouri RYLA Academy is to teach students how to develop leadership skills, as well as learn to develop a quality service project, following the Rotarian core values.  We want to work with students who have hearts and minds focused on service.  We want attendees who desire to be there, who will participate fully, and come home from the Academy ready to serve.


While we leave the participant selection process up to each local sponsoring club, we have some suggestions that might be useful when considering students to attend.


Many clubs have a selection process.  Some clubs choose to only have one student apply, someone chosen from a Rotarian family or someone familiar from their local community.  Others have several students apply, perhaps those nominated by the local high school faculty. Many of these students go through an interview process with the local club as well.  


Often, clubs rely on local school officials like principals or school counselors to recognize and select quality students for the club. 


You are welcome to send as many participants as your club is financially able to sponsor.  There is no grade point requirement, and no restrictions for Rotarian children or grandchildren.


We ask that you take some time and thought as to the student your club selects and sends to participate. We have an outstanding program and space is limited in each session.  Please adhere to important academy deadlines.


Please contact me for any questions or comments. 


Valerie Anderson, Administrative Director  816.673.6818