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Feeding America: State-Wide Canned Food Drive

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For our project, we will need permission from grocery stores to place the food donation bins in their business year round
We need permission from schools to hold the food/monetary drive and the competitions.
We will ask Harvesters and other local food pantries for use of their conference rooms for meetings. 
We also need permission from Harvesters and local food pantries for the transportation of the goods.
Pump It Up
In each of our communities across Missouri, our project is going to have a canned food and monetary donations drive for local food pantries (for example, harvesters). The High Schools will be collecting the donations, but anyone in the community can get involved. There will also be bins located in grocery stores around our communities where donations can be made year round, so we can help feed all of Missouri.
Taking Action
Our project is a long term program
The first part of our project is to have a month long food drive at each High School during the month of November. Classes that donate the most will be rewarded, to encourage donations. 
The second part of our project is to place bins around communities, for example, in grocery stores and local Rotary Clubs. These bins will be sponsored by the local High School's service clubs. The bins will be available to any individual who would like to donate non perishable food items.
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Feeding America: State-Wide Canned Food Drive
We will be accepting both monetary and non perishable food donations, because of the following reasons:
Quality of Items
Students from service clubs in each High School will be going to businesses like, The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, and grocery stores. We will ask them to help establish our program and help support it.
We will be specifically asking grocery stores to help sponsor food donation bins and ask to place them in their business.
We will ask StuCo and organizations to advertise around their schools to help spread the word. 
We will also ask local food pantries to help advertise in order to get the word out and kickstart our operation.
Social Media
School Competitions
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Team Members
Quality of Items 
We accept both monetary and non perishable food donations because of the simple fact that families need both fresh food and non perishable items.
Fresh food can be purchased with the money donated.
Non perishable food items can be kept in pantries for future need.
Whether people have money or canned food items on them, they can donate either one.
Individuals also may prefer to donate one or the other. 
People may not have access to the High School drive or the bins around town (or even grocery stores), so they can just donate money.
People like choices, and with this project, you can choose whether to donate non perishable items or money.
Our project will be looking for donations from school students/staff, church members, family and friends, and citizens of the entire community.
Our project wanted to include the whole community because we would like as many people involved as possible
We will be spreading awareness for our mission to help end hunger in Missouri by:
School assemblies
Newspaper ads
Posters in grocery stores and schools
School and radio announcements
Grade level competitions within each school
Adult Sponsors
Rotary officials involved in the coordination of the project.
Harvesters or other local food pantry representatives aiding with service project.
School officials.
We will need access to the Harvesters or other local food pantries transportation resources to transfer the donations.
Access to computers for organization and phones for communication.
School officials and administrations.
High School organizations/clubs
Store clerks/managers
People Resources
Technology Resources
Building Resources
High Schools
Grocery Stores
Transportation Resources
Harvesters and other local food pantry's vehicles
High School Officials and Students
Store Managers/Clerks
Marketing Ideas
Slogans: catchy and easy to remember
Hard Facts: provide people with information
Announcements: gets the word out
Social media: free, most people have some form of social media
Sporting events: gets the word out to students, the community and other schools
Take A Bite Out of Hunger
Special Thanks
We would like to thank school administrations for hosting the food drive and allowing the students to get involved.
Special thanks to school clubs/organizations for volunteering their time and efforts and making the food drive possible.
Our team would like to thank local food pantries for supporting our project and advertising.
We would also like to thank local grocery stores for advertising and allowing our project to place bins in their businesses.
A big thanks to the local Rotary clubs for their support and donations.
Most importantly our team would like to thank anyone who donated within the communities and had a role in our project.
For our food drive, we will need to buy many things.
To get the money we need, we will go to our local Rotary club and ask for funds, explaining the food drive, and what we hope to accomplish. 
We also plan to get donated supplies, such as poster board and markers from high school organizations.