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Buddy Backpack Program

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Buddy Backpack Program
The Timeline of an Ongoing Project
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Donation Method
Buddy Backpack Program
Back to School Kick Off
Through the Buddy Backpack Program we hope to not only provide backpacks for children in need but also tackle hunger by distributing cans weekly.
In our lifetimes we all dream of saving the world, but you can't do everything alone.
That's why building relationships within your community is important.
A community that works together can achieve greatness together.
Working with other organizations such as Rotary, local food banks, and school organizations, we could bring in donations and cans. 

We would partner with local food pantries, school clubs including NHS, FCCLA, and Key Club, along with Rotary to tackle this issue in our community.
We would ask for a donation of backpacks from Rotary and the other organizations would collect canned food to support the Buddy Backpack Program. 
We would ask for donations of cash or cans because people might only have cash and others may only have cans.

Therefore to maximize our collections it would be more reasonable to collect both.
Some months we may be short on food and others short on funds, so this method would balance out the system.

What we believe is that hunger is an ongoing problem, therefore it can not be solved in a month.
We would collect most of our food and donations throughout the summer.
At the start of school we would hold a large kickoff event at a local high school or local area.
Throughout the year the children would receive the food from the local food pantry in collaboration with our organization.

Local high school clubs would run additional can drives around holiday times.
This event would raise awareness and get the community excited about the cause, this would also act as a fundraiser event. This event would include several family activities.
This provides children with back to school gear and food. They could bring these backpacks back throughout the year to collect more food.

Other marketing ideas include building a structure of donated cans to promote donations. Having a fair where cans are donated instead of an admission. Contact private schools that have uniforms and work on an agreement where they have specific donation days for the students to wear regular close in trade for cans. We would also ask local churches to put out food collections points in their buildings 
At our primary fund raising event, the back to school event, we would charge $2 for children under the age of 12 and $5 for adults.

We would also sell popsicles for 50 cents, drinks for $1 and chips for 50 cents.
For every 25 people that attend our event we anticipate $65 in income.
Therefore if only 125 people came to our event we could raise $325, more than enough to cover the expenses for the event if all of our donations are met.


In order to fulfill our goals we would need permission from the school and the event place to have our fundraiser and distribute backpacks.
We would hold our meetings at the local community center. All sponsors and partners will be invited to attend.
We will need technology and transportation to achieve our goals.
We will need volunteers at the schools for can drives, food distribution and community members to volunteer at our back to school event.
All costs are covered by our fundraiser event.
Rotary will donate the backpacks because this event not only supports education but it also supports the fight against hunger.

To raise awareness for our project we plan to hang up flyers around the community. In order to get donors excited about our project we could make a presentation to show the impact of this program.
In order to get the community excited about the program we can travel to schools and businesses to talk about our organization.
We could also distribute the previously mentioned flyers in high traffic areas.
By creating social media pages we could reach younger demographics and get them involved.
These marketing ideas will raise awareness in the community.

Thank You To...
Buddy Backpacks would like to say a special thanks to the local food pantry for their "Attitude of Gratitude". These food banks and Rotary generously supported the Buddy Backpack Program. With their continuous support we hope to reach all the hungry children in our community.
Buddy Backpack Program
Help feed children in the community
Build a sense of community
Provide food weekly for children in need