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Project Ideas
Gratitude and Attitude
- can drive/PBJ drive
- soup kitchen
- ice cream social fundraiser
- Thanksgiving dinners
- sack lunch programs
We chose PBJ drive!
1. Initial Advertising flyers 
200 @ $.05 
Copy Store 

2. Boxes 
Local stores 
No cost (donated)

3. Decorative Materials 
10-15 assorted colors 

4. Optional Advertising Needs/Thank you notes

1. Donations from community members
2. Food donations from community members
Shocking Facts...
- More than 1 in 5 children are at risk of going hungry, but among African-American children and Latino children, it's 1 in 3.
Directed & Organized by-
Melanie Wilson, Chloe Sutton, Jordan Hoffman, Taylor Rumsey, Elijah Bentch, Katelyn Cashman, Ryan Taylor, Christine May, Andrea Landreth, Austin Hoverder, Brent Martin, & Cathy Libey
Shocking Facts...
- Over 20 million children receive free or reduced price lunch every day.

Shocking Facts...
- 1 in 7 people are enrolled in the supplemental nutrition assistance program. Over half of them are children. 
Shocking Facts...
-16.2 million children live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis.
Shocking Facts...
- 25% of households with children living in large cities are food insecure
Advertising and Donation Locations
Warren County Facts
- Population
- 32,440
- Food Insecurity Rate
- 14.3%
- Estimated Number of Food Insecure Individuals
- 4,640

-First Bank
-Community Bank
-First State Bank
-Missouri Bank
-US Bank
-Friedens Church
-United Christian Church
-St. Ignatius 
1. Yes, because the members of the Agape House will survive and create the PB&J sandwiches. They will help out.
2. At a Church or a member's house would be a place to meet at for this project.
3. A member of the Agape House must be present because we need more ideas.
4. We will need technology for advertising on social media.
5. We will need volunteers from the Agape House because we need help for creating the food, serving, and borrow their facilities. 
- people
- technology
- building
- transportation
Primary - Donors
Secondary - Marketing
Tertiary - Foundation
June 26 - print flyers 
June 27 - post posters around community
July 1 - Deliver boxes to collection locations
July 1-31 - Duration of food drive

Every Tuesday we will split up, collect donations from locations, and deliver them to Agape House
Thanks to...
- Agape House
- All business and donation sites
- All team members
- Group leaders
- Donors
How we are thanking them...
- Newspaper Ad
- Shoutout to winner at Cardinal game (or at another optional game)
- Group hug
- Unconditional love and attention
- Written thank you notes

Working with: Agape House
Agape House
What are they?
- food pantry
- energy/rental assistance
- referrals
Who they help?
- support the poor in the county through state guidelines
What they do?
- food stamps
- provide protein
- supply groceries and other household items
We chose Cash and Cans Combo.

- Money was chosen as well as goods because, it will allow people to donate efficiently.
- Surplus monetary ads will go to Agape House.
- If the drive did not provide enough goods, we could buy the rest of the things we need with the money. 
Within the community of Warrenton.
Churches: Everyone there is interested in giving and improving. 
Banks: High foot traffic. Monetary mentality.
Grocery stores: Convenient for donations of specified items. Change jars are also convenient. 
Who gets pumped up?
1. Newspapers - Posters - Social Media - Radio
2. Sponsor - Games - Activities - Information 

3 Best Marketing Ideas
- social media
- fundraisers for money and for supplies and spread the word
- Cardinals game shoutout

They aren't expensive and are practical. 

Strategize to Maximize
Our Purpose
- Short Term
- 800 jars of peanut butter
- 800 jars of jelly
- Long Term
- have an annual fundraiser
Thank you for your time!
Contact Information
Contact us any time if you have any questions or if you would like to help out.
We look forward to your support.